South Hayward United Methodist Church

Committees for Ministry & Service




Terms of Service: Ordinarily your service begins on January 1 of the New Year.  However, if you have been elected to fill an office vacancy, your service begins immediately upon election.  Elected persons are to serve one year at a time for up to three consecutive years on a particular committee. After three years of service, persons are asked to take one year off from that committee but are encouraged to serve in another area of church ministry.  Some chairpersons serve on other related committees as a consequence of the responsibilities of their office.


Attendance: Since most committees meet once a month at most, missing a committee meeting creates a gap of understanding that takes extra effort to close.  So, please be pro-active if you cannot attend the meeting.  Life will happen and absences will occur, but please make every effort to attend.  Meeting times vary according to the needs of the committee members.


Experience and Training:  You learn as you go from those already serving on the committee, from booklets and from workshops, but you are also encouraged to bring a fresh perspective to the group with new ideas and new ways of approaching familiar topics.


Inclusivity: Whenever possible, committee members are selected to represent the diversity of the church and community with regard to every category of need and commitment.


Open Meetings & Minutes Upon Request:  You are encouraged to attend any meeting of the church with the exception of those meetings that require confidentiality (usually in the case of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee).  Meeting times vary with each committee and written minutes are available in the church office.


Annual Church Conference:  Each year, the congregration as a whole meets to review reports of the previous year and elect officers for the next year.

Administrative Council: Eventually, all major decisions of policy regarding property use, finance, administration, program planning and staffing are made through the administrative board.  Optimally, the decisions made reflect an effort to support the vision and mission of the church while welcoming the unique ministries of each church member and participant.  Chairpersons from each committee and the members at large serve on this council to coordinate the work of the other committees and to report the results of our ministry efforts.  The Council meets most months, normally on the second Thursday of the month.


Christian Education Committee:  Creativity, listening, communicating for understanding, appreciation for the Bible, and a desire to learn are hallmarks of this area of service.  Christian education is crucial for passing on the stories of scripture and sharing how those stories make sense for everyday living.  Since everyone learns differently, a variety of teaching aids are welcome and needed to reach those who hunger to know more about God.

Finance Committee:  More than money management, the persons on this committee grapple with ideas for fundraising and raising awareness of the way all of our resources can support the work of the church in the world.  Here the church vision, mission statement, budget and other potential financial needs are assessed and a strategy is devised to implement those aspects of church life that help us say "thank you" to God while meeting the needs of others.


Lay Leadership Committee:  Gift and talent discernment, judging of character, knowledge of the congregation, and intuitive sensibilities are the hallmarks of this committee.  A church will find its way forward or stumble on the basis of its leadership.  Those on this committee are challenged to use their best efforts so the efforts of others are best used for the work of the church and the Gospel. Time involved: approximately 4 hours annually.


Staff-Parish Relations Committee:  Essentially, this committee is responsible for providing feedback and support to and from our church staff to and from church members.  Joys and concerns regarding worship, membership care, pastoral professionalism, staff performance reviews and compensation, parsonage maintenance and church-community relations are addressed in this committee.  Confidentiality and honesty are essential for persons serving the church in this way, since this committee is charged with hiring, firing, interviewing prospective employees, and conducting grievance processes in an effort to sort out misunderstandings and to make necessary improvements.


Trustees:  Trustees are persons entrusted to make recommendations and decisions regarding all church properties, construction, maintenance and improvement (e.g. the sanctuary, classrooms, parsonage, memorials, estate and trust gifts, etc.).  Property titles, facility keys, office equipment, sound systems, etc.: all of these are the concern of this committee.  Their focus is the care of such matters as they enable the church to fulfill its mission in the name of Christ.


Worship Committee:  Creativity, flexibility, beauty and esthetics, coordination, and gratitude are the hallmarks of this committee.  Like any significant effort to organize persons and their ministry gifts, the worship committee works to ensure that our worship experience is meaningful and relevant to the Gospel in the church and in the world.  Recruiting persons to read scripture, lead in worship teams, greet newcomers, decorate the sanctuary, and determine the style of worship and music comprises a major portion of their work.  If you enjoy decorating, singing or meeting others as a sort of host you would probably enjoy being part of the work of this committee.


Nurture, Outreach, Witness, & Evangelism Committee:  Fun, variety, community, and the energy of relationships are the hallmarks of this committee.  In the coming year, it is hoped this committee can plan regular church and community gatherings for singing, games, and learning more about one another.  This group also plans for meeting the needs of our homebound and institutionalized members and friends. It helps coordinate fellowship meals after Sunday worship services, and is developing ways to make visitors feel welcome.

Communications: The communications committee helps develop and implement plans for the local church's communications infrastructure and supports such things as:

The communications committee works with the Pastor, Trustees, and others in the church and its chair is a voting member of the church Administrative Council and reports to the Council.